United Way announces scholarship fund for Capt. Rickey Wheeler

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- The United Way of Grayson County announced Tuesday that half of its fundraising efforts for 2018 will go to the new Rickey Wheeler Memorial Scholarship fund.

Laura Wheeler, Captain Rickey Wheeler, and their two children.

Capt. Rickey Wheeler lost his battle with stage four cancer in December. His wife Laura Wheeler was at commissioner's court Tuesday as United Way announced the creation of the scholarship.

"I think he would be grateful and honored and would thank every citizen," Laura Wheeler said.

"We're ensuring his impact goes beyond just his presence," said campaign chair assistant Jennifer Schwichtenberg. "It's his spirit living on, the legacy, the difference he'll make."

The fund will help future law enforcement officers pay for police academy.

"It's a tremendous cost," Laura Wheeler said. "Almost $4,000 (per person) for them to do this."

She said she's extremely humbled by the gesture.

"[Rickey] would probably say this was not to be expected," Wheeler said. "He would probably be a little embarrassed by it. But overall this was ultimately something he was passionate about."

The United Way said the scholarship will be a win-win for the county, cadets and citizens.

"We're public servants," Schwichtenberg said. "Rickey Wheeler is the epitome of a public servant, serving on boards. He was such a rock within the sheriff's office."

If you would like to donate to the fund, call the sheriff's office at 903-813-4200, ext. 2227.

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