Van Alstyne, Howe elementary schools underway

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) Months after two Grayson County towns passed million dollar bonds, one has already started construction on their primary school and the other will soon be underway.

"I think it's getting to the point where its starting to be crowded but its not like overly crowded. I think the new elementary will help with the student to teacher ratio."

This is what you see when you drive past Highway 5 in Van Alstyne.

It's the new building slated to be their the 82,000 square-foot elementary school.

"I think they're moving at a super fast rate you know from the bond being passed to the building."

The city started construction on their new building back in August, 4 months after the $24 million bond passed.

The building will hold up to 800 students and will include a 6,000-square-foot storm shelter for the elementary and middle schools.

Van Alstyne ISD parent, Maria Gonzalez, says her son will attend the new school when it opens in August.

"They're going to do it based on where you live. I'll have the one student in elementary and two at the middle school right next to each other so it will be very convenient for us."

And just up the road, Howe is hoping to get construction started on their new building.

"I believe its about long overdue. This one has been here since I was a kid. I even went here myself."

The current Howe elementary school was built in the sixties to hold 400 students.

Last year, 469 students were enrolled.

In November, voters decided to pass the $17 million bond to build a new building for grades pre-k through 2nd. The current elementary will house 3rd through 5th.

"At the time they just did what they had to. Basically put a band aid on to get by with what they had."

The layout includes a cafeteria-gymnasium, six classrooms per grade and two pre-k classrooms.

Parents we talked to say it's worth the average of 19 dollars per month tax increase.

"Population growth and children boom, obviously we need better facilities for our children."

Construction is set to begin this summer and the new school is set to open for the 2019 school year.

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