Van Alstyne judge honored for serving city 40 years

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VAN ALSTYNE, Tex. (KXII)-- Back in 1979, the then city attorney of Van Alstyne and former law partner of Judge Thomas Redwine introduced him to the city council.

Judge Redwine has been serving his community ever since.

Before the regular city council meeting began on Tuesday, Judge Redwine was called to be honored for those 40 years of service.

Redwine said, "I like to help people, I love serving people, and this is a way that I can serve my country, by serving Van Alstyne."

For years the current city attorney, Julie Fort, has been working along his side, and she has gotten to know the man everyone has grown to love.

"He's honest and trustworthy in the administration of his duties for the court."

40 years ago, Judge Redwine remembers a city marshal who didn't carry a gun in Van Alstyne.

He's seen four police chiefs come and go.

And a small town growing as the years passed by with the population nearing 4,000 people.

"Now you see what we have here today, so there's been a lot of changes and we've been able to evolve through those changes and continue to serve the city", said Redwine.

Fort said, "he's helped the court progress as laws, and standards and rules have changed over time. He's helped the court keep up with all the changes."

On this evening the former Vietnam veteran received a personal proclamation signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and a gavel from the City of Van Alstyne.

Now one of the longest tenured municipal judges in the State of Texas, he says his greatest gift is being part of the city he continues to serve.

"God's put me here for a reason, I think this is part of it."