Van Alstyne student starts anti-vape campaign

Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 5:14 PM CDT
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A Van Alstyne student started an anti-vaping campaign to bring awareness and educate other students.

Van Alstyne junior Makenna Dancer said the idea goes back to last summer when she started brainstorming topics for her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

"It came to my mind because I've noticed me, my brother, my friends, you're first exposed to vaping in middle school," Dancer said.

Dancer made a video and website to promote her anti-vaping campaign.

She showed the video to middle school students Tuesday to provide education on the topic.

"I wanted to show the younger kids this because I felt that these older kids modeling to them that they look up to would really inspire them not to vape," Dancer said.

Dancer said she's passionate about the issue and plans to continue spreading the message.

Sophomore Audrey Bishop was in the video and said she hopes it gets people talking.

"I hope the video brings awareness because that's a really big thing for people to actually realize it is bad for your body," Bishop said.

Dancer started an online pledge for people to sign, hands out anti-vaping buttons, and is putting posters up around town.

Van Alstyne principal, Craig Dennis, said he's impressed with Dancer's initiative.

"It's something that I think all of us that deal with teenagers for sure have seen a lot of, it's something we all want to get a handle on," Dennis said.

Dancer says people of all ages can