Vandals smash car window, auto shop owner repairs it for free

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- A Denison woman took to Facebook, posting photos of her car's back windows smashed in from a heavy block. No one saw the crime, but a Denison auto repair shop owner saw that Facebook post and wanted to help.

Mechanics remove what's left of this 2006 Nissan Sentra's back glass window. But three days earlier, Shayna Powell woke up to her car looking like this.

"There was a huge cement block on top of the trunk of our car that had completely smashed on the car window," Powell said.

But nothing was stolen from the car and no one saw the crime.

"It just looks like random, a random act," Powell said.

Furious, Powell posted photos on her Facebook saying the shattered glass is all over her son's car seat and she couldn't afford to pay for a new window, which caught a local auto shop owner's eye.

"I saw like 53 comments there was a lot of negativity going on so instantly I said I'll put a free window in there so without putting more negativity in there," said Pro Auto Glass owner Jonathan Earnhart.

And the owner followed through. Earnhart said repairing and replacing the new glass would normally cost a few hundred dollars. And less than an hour later, the car was good as new.

"I did it mainly because of the negativity responses instead of support and so I instantly wanted to jump in there and spark others to do the same," Earnhart said.

Powell said she's still wondering why her car was vandalized, but she's grateful for the support.

"But it has been literally restored my faith in humanity," Powell said. "There's no words for it, we're so thankful."

A police report has been filed and if you have any information, contact the Denison Police Department.

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