Victim in Healdton hit-and-run recalls crash

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HEALDTON, Okla. (KXII) - "How could you look me in the eye, on the hood of your truck and leave me laying on the ground as you drive off," Brenda Greenlee said.

That's what Brenda Greenlee has to say to Donald Pierce, the man suspected of driving drunk and hitting her with his truck as she was crossing the intersection of 6th and Texas outside her home Friday afternoon.

"I was getting out of my van to go get a paper that had flew out of my van that I thought was my daughter's field trip paper," Greenlee said.

Greenlee says she took a step onto the road when Pierce was pulling out of the driveway of his shop across the street and heard him back into her neighbor's parked car.

She continued to go after the paper.

"Next thing I know I have a Chevy Z71 in my front," Greenlee said.

Greenlee's husband says he ran out of the house to find his wife on the road. He tried to get the tag number of the truck but Pierce took off.

Greenlee says her children also saw her hurt on the road.

"He stopped behind me for a little bit and then he took off," Greenlee said.

Healdton Police Chief Marshall Cowan says that same day they arrested Pierce at his home.

He tells us the intersection where Greenlee was hit is usually busy with kids playing and walking to and from school.

"It is believed at this time that he was under the influence of alcohol," Cowan said. "We did draw blood we're still awaiting results from OSBI."

Greenlee, the mother of 4 children and a carhop at the local Sonic, says she didn't suffer any broken bones or internal injuries but does have road rash all over her body and a sprained ankle.

She doesn't know when she'll be able to return to work.

" I'm doing really well, really well," Greenlee said. "I'm walking and talking and I'm with my children."

Pierce was charged Monday with leaving the scene of an accident involving injury.

A Gofundme has been set up to help Greenlee and her family -

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