Video of fight at Madill High School has parents concerned

MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - A video shows a fight inside a Madill High School bathroom.

It's all caught on camera by students who shared it to social media.

It happened in the boy's bathroom. An older kid corners a younger teen who didn't even have time to take his backpack off.

Meanwhile, other students not only don't stop the fight, they pull out their phones to record.

The video shows a student getting punched in the face so hard the paper towel dispenser comes apart.

"I feel like they should do more to address a situation like this," said Raevon Cervantez, who is switching schools for her sophomore son and was considering Madill High School.

"When I saw this video, it automatically just took Madill schools out of the question. Like it's not going to happen. I will home school my children from here on," she said.

She said the video surfaced on social media Tuesday.

You can see a student move in to capture the fight on his cell phone as the fight continues.

Other students stand and watch when he gets pushed to the ground.

She's concerned students are viewing fights as entertainment and not taking bullying seriously.

"For them not to have been taught to stop recording and help or call out for help is a big deal for me," Cervantez said.

She said if this was her child, she'd want someone to step in and alert authorities.

"Help whoever needs to be helped, needs to be helped. And you should be the bigger person, stand up and do what's right," she said.

Madill Superintendent Larry Case said they're investigating the incident at the high school and will "apply appropriate disciplinary action accordingly."

As for Cervantez, she's sticking with home school.