Visitors have mixed opinions on safety following Wednesday drowning at Turner Falls

DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) - Turner Falls Park in Davis reached capacity and already closed its gates early Thursday morning, less than 24 hours after a woman drowned there.

Davis Police said it was at the falls swimming area where a woman slipped off a ledge with three friends, went into the water and did not resurface around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

The Chickasaw Lighthorse dive team recovered the body of a 27-year-old woman from India who had been living in the Dallas area.

This drowning is the seventh at the falls since 2016.

James Bambico, visiting from McKinney, TX, said he and his family had visited Turner Falls the day before the woman drowned.

"I hate to hear that because this is such a great place to bring your family," Bambico said.

Bambico said he is concerned there are no lifeguards this year and thinks there should at least be some on duty for busy days.

"As you can see today, there are lots and lots of people from infants to elderly and a lot in between."

Nearby, Anglea Brewington and Indie Talbot, visiting from Denton, TX, said they have watched police officers and park staff enforce the park's safety rules and are not concerned about the lack of life guards.

"I do feel like it's the parent's responsibility to know where your kids are at, make sure they are following the rules and just making sure that your children are safe," Brewington said.

Officers said lifeguards were doing dozens of saves a day and visitors were taking advantage of that safety, taking greater risks.

The park cited a lack of interest for the job as the reason they did not hire them this year.

Talbot, who recently became lifeguard certified, said there is too much area to watch and understands the park's decision.

"They're also trained to watch the water for any sign of danger," Talbot said. "So if any child is under the water for too long, their face is in the water, maybe, they're away from their parents, they start focusing on those people and maybe not being able to pay attention to everyone else they need to pay attention to."

Davis police said they are waiting on clearance from the Indian Consulate in Houston, TX to release the name of Wednesday's drowning victim and her family has been notified.

"It's a great place to be, to come and spend the day with your family," Bambico said. "I certainly don't want someone to stay away because of lifeguards."

Staff said the park is expected to remain at capacity for Friday and over the weekend.