Volunteer group helps feed seniors in need

LONE GROVE, Okla. (KXII) - "We don't get any major amount of food stamps so this is really going to help us out a lot," Linda Gutierrez said.

Linda Gutierrez, 63, says she applied for Commodity Supplemental Food Program ran by the INCA - RSVP Community Services, to help with groceries.

"I get $16 in food stamps and that doesn't quite get it so I will have more things that I can put together," Gutierrez said.

The program provides 30 pound boxes of shelf stable foods for Carter County residents who are 60 years or older and met their income guidelines.

It's all donated by the Regional Food Bank in Oklahoma city.

"They shouldn't have to pick between paying a utility bill or a medical bill or something else - between that and eating," Communications Development Director Amber Freeman said.

Freeman says 36 Carter County residents picked up boxes Monday afternoon at the Senior Center in Lone Grove.

She says this is the first time they've done the program in town.

"When we were approached about this project we wanted to bring those resources more to a rural community that we serve, so that they have those resources available as well," Freeman said.

And for those who don't have a car to pick up the food, volunteers like Ray Hammond will deliver.

"People seem to really enjoy getting the food and there's a lot of need in Carter County so we are glad to help them out," Hammond said.

Freeman says seniors who meet the requirements can apply at the Senior Center In Lone Grove.

If approved, they can pick up boxes on the second Monday of the month.

The program also runs in Johnston, Pontotoc, Atoka and Marshall County.

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