Voters discuss Pottsboro ISD's $31.8 million bond election

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- Pottsboro ISD is asking for a $31.8 million dollar bond package to address outdated technology, overcrowding and safety.

After their $58.7 million bond election failed last year, the school board said they're trying again.

Voter Robert McKiddy has grandkids in Pottsboro schools.

"We have a whole bunch of new homes coming in, we have little kids that need a place to go to school and we just don't have space for them," McKiddy said.

A need he thinks the new bond will address.

"They've brought it down to a level I think most people can tolerate," McKiddy said.

Enough to possibly change the mind of voter Brent Alexander.

"I think the bond is much better than the previous one," Alexander said.

Now just a month until the election, the school board met with the public Monday night to go over the details of the needs.

The first proposal is $27 million with 88 percent to go toward the construction of a new elementary school. The rest of the money would be for renovations and expansion of the high school athletic training facility and district-wide technology and security upgrades.

The second proposal is $4.8 million for a safe room and storm shelter at each campus. Rooms that would also be used for instruction.

"I don't think it's missing too much other than I would like to see the number higher in technology," Alexander said.

Pottsboro ISD currently has the lowest tax rate in Grayson County.

The first bond would be a $13.83 monthly tax increase for the average home, which is $160,000. The second proposal would add $3.11 on average, totaling $16.94 a month with both bonds.

This would move the city to tie for the second lowest tax rate, one cent more than Tom Bean.

"It's something that we have to do now or it'll cost a whole lot more later down the road," McKiddy said.

The second proposal can only pass if the first one does. Election day is May 5.