Wapanucka service held for late fire chief

WAPANUCKA, Okla. (KXII) - "Each time we lose one, we lose a big part of our community," Jimmy Martin said.

Family, friends, community members and several first responders attended the service in Wapanucka Thursday for the late fire chief Gary Reeder.

Reeder was working on the electricity under his home Sunday when he was electrocuted.

The family tells us it was Reeder's wish to have his casket be carried on a fire truck through the town.

"I really and truly think that he's going to be missed by this town and this community," Martin said.

Jimmy Martin has lived in Wapanucka for 20 years and says he owes his life to Reeder.

"He has saved my life ," Martin said. "He and the first responders and fire department has saved my life at least five times since the year 2000."

"One incident was where he fell he had a heart attack," Martin's daughter Jessica Riley said. "He was unresponsive (and) a few hours later they had him breathing again."

Reeder, 40, grew up in Wapanucka.

He worked for the fire department since he was 18 years old and served as chief for all but five of those years.

Reeder was also an EMT for Johnston County.

"Couldn't ask for a better man, I mean all of the Reeders always stepped forward in this community," Martin said.

Several first responders from in and out of the county took part in the funeral procession through Wapanucka.

"That was a memory that I will probably never forget," Riley said.

Reeder is survived by his wife, three children and a grandchild.

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