Water main leaks cause winter woes

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- Several water mains in Ardmore began leaking Tuesday morning, leaving streets flooded and sidewalks icy with the temperatures well below freezing.

"I don't know what to think, it's horrible." Ardmore resident Dana Canada said.

When Canada came to downtown Ardmore to run some errands, she didn't expect to see the roads flooded near the post office, one of the larger of six leaks across the city.

"I slid right there, so you seen it. It's bad." Canada said."And as cold as it is, its freezing."

And its not just there. West Broadway, behind the Health Department and neighborhood streets...all affected by water main leaks, with repairs that could cost about $10,000 in total.

"Whenever the temperatures drop this low, it makes it twice as bad as it normally is," Public Utilities Director Shawn Geurin said. "Its bad enough that they're out in the frigid temperatures, but when you're adding water to the situation, it makes it even more dangerous."

No one has lost water due to the leaks yet, but that could all change depending on what work needs to be done on the pipes. But given the temperatures, neighbors to the situation like Gregg Huntington are grateful the water is still running.

"It's definitely important for the families, you know, that wake up and they're already cold, you know, and they're already cold. And now they're dealing with no water, and on top of that no hot water?" Huntington said.

And crews will be working all week, repairing a couple of the minor leaks they weren't able to get to today. Geurin says if you see any other leaks, please let them know by calling the city.

"We go through a stage where things are going really well, we're not having a whole lot of leaks, and then all of a sudden we get a rash of breaks," Geurin said. "All of our mains we place below the freeze line, so we know they're not freezing or anything. We attribute it more to the age of the pipes, age of the lines, and also we have expansive soil."

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