'We are one big family,' the town of Soper coming together following tragic accident

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SOPER, Okla. (KXII) -- The small town of Soper, Oklahoma, is coming together to help out a family who lost their daughter Wednesday in a fatal accident.

Paige Manion, 18,died after colliding with another vehicle on Highway 70 around noon.

Manion is the daughter of Soper Mayor Randy Springfield.

She graduated from Soper High last year and was a freshman at Southeastern, where she was studying to be a child social worker.

Vice Mayor Janell McDonald says the small Choctaw County town of just over 200 is coming together to provide meals and assistance for the family.

"As a community we always come together, no matter who it is or what the event is, we just come together, because we are one big family and we just support each other," McDonald said.

Troopers are still investigating what caused the crash.

The accident report states conditions were overcast and the road was wet when it happened.

A meal schedule is being organized by the community. If you would like to sign up to help the family you can do so at the Soper Senior Citizen Center or go to the Soper Main Street Facebook page.

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