What to expect for severe weather season

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Severe weather season is here and emergency officials said flooding is the major concern for Grayson County.

For the next two days, there's a flash flood watch.

"In severe weather season in the spring, people tend to think more about the really, really scary things like tornadoes and high winds," Sarah Somers said.

But Grayson County Emergency Manager Sarah Somers said that's not the biggest problem.

"The most common threat in Grayson County from severe weather in the spring is flooding," Somers said.

It's an issue Nate Strauch with the city of Sherman said has been a focus since the major floods in 2007.

"A couple people lost their lives and really ever since then, it's something the city has been gravely concerned about," Strauch said.

In August, heavy rains poured into Post Oak Creek. It overflowed, flooding several properties in Sherman, including an entire apartment complex on Regency Circle.

"Sherman historically has suffered some of the worst flooding when we do have these types of major storm events come through," Strauch said.

Since then, the city has started improvements on those flood-prone areas with their new stormwater fee. Improvements like buying and tearing down those apartments and expanding the creek's drainage system along Lamberth Road.

"We just hope that everybody remembers particularly in the dark, don't drive into water that you don't know what's below it and just because you don't see a barricade, doesn't mean it's safe to go down the road," Somers said.

A "Flash Flood Watch" means that conditions are favorable for heavy rain which may lead to flash flooding. Stay with KXII for weather updates.