When Will Stormy July Pattern Go Away?

Once these mid-level troughs get out of the picture, things should dry out by Thursday.

Last week, all indications were that Texoma’s weather would transition into a typical hot, humid and dry pattern for early July – we got the hot and humid part without any problem, but can’t seem to get rid of the stormy skies.

The problem: a large upper ridge was expected to expand from the Rockies across the middle of the nation, providing a sinking motion and generating a “cap” which would keep away storms. Instead, the high has remained to the west, allowing for a series of mid-level troughs to round the hump and pass over Texoma. A hot and super-humid air mass is allowing these troughs to produce severe winds, and a LOT of rain.

Torrential rainfall Sunday evening, as much as 8” over parts of Coal County and 7” over southern Pontotoc sent creeks out of their banks, washed out roads and swiftly ended a slight drought that had crept back into the picture. The Clear Boggy Creek will come up just short of a record level by Thursday (July 6), and Lake Texoma along with most other area lakes should rise into their flood pools several more feet. Of course that amount depends on future rainfall which may be as much as four additional inches through Wednesday.

We’ll see two more nocturnal thunderstorm events: on the mornings of July 4th and July 5th before things hopefully settle down as the ridge finally strengthens, and diverts these troughs away from Texoma skies.

A reminder with all of the flooding we’re having: turn around, don’t drown.

Take Care,
Steve LaNore
Chief Meteorologist
News 12 / KXII-TV