Whitesboro baby fighting for life while dad fights for country

DALLAS, Tex. (KXII) - It's a life-changing moment, but for two new parents from Whitesboro, the birth of their son has brought one struggle after another.

This week may mean one more.

"It's rough. Definitely don't wish it on my worst enemy," Joshua Durrett said. He's talking about the past month with his newborn son.

Oliver was born on August 1 with an omphalocele, meaning his liver, intestines and part of his stomach were outside his body.

"It's hard. He's got a lot more things wrong with him other than just that," said mom Erin Durrett.

Oliver was also born with clubbed hands and feet and he's anemic.

On top of all that, he has pneumonia.

"And then all of a sudden, he just went downhill," Erin said.

The new parents are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas while Oliver's at the hospital.

Erin said she's hardly had the chance to hold him.

"It's pretty hard. I love to hold him, I love my baby," Erin said.

Erin and Josh got married in July. A few days later, Oliver was born.

Josh in the army and stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.

He's been back in town for three weeks, but his leave ends Thursday.

"She's done most of the work by herself," Josh said.

As of now, he's set to leave again this week.

"It's rough being so far away and not being able to do anything," Josh said.

So while Josh fights for his country, Oliver will continue to fight for his life, while his mother fights to hold onto hope.

"It's rough being all alone. But I manage I guess," Erin said.

Erin said day by day, Oliver's health is improving.

"He's been a fighter since he was born. And now he's fighting all this, getting better though, day by day," Erin said.

They said they have faith in miracles, and just want to bring Oliver home.

"The power of prayer has got us all through it. For sure, for sure," Erin said.