Whitesboro baseball team makes dream come true for autistic student

Published: Mar. 21, 2018 at 10:00 PM CDT
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The Whitesboro baseball players are making a dream come true for one of their peers.

"Challenged kids, they just want to be like everybody else and the kids at Whitesboro gave him that opportunity," James Reed said.

Alex Reed loves football, baseball, racing.

"I mean he loves sports," James said.

But his autism prevents him from being on a high school sports team.

"It's a motor skills issue," James said.

Alex's dad James Reed said playing on the baseball field has always been Alex's dream. So with the help of his teacher and the Whitesboro baseball coach, Tuesday night, that dream came true.

Whitesboro was playing S&S.

"They were practicing, warming up and he was out there with them," James said.

Alex got to be in the dugout the whole game. At the end with Whitesboro in the lead, he stepped up to the plate and S&S pitched the ball to him.

"I hit a ground ball and I ran it all the way to home plate," Alex said.

Alex scored a home run. Whitesboro walked off with the win.

"My team is so good," Alex said.

This isn't the first time the Whitesboro players have included Alex. He also stands on the field at football games, even getting to score once, and he has his very own letterman jacket.

"The kids he goes to school with, they treat him unbelievable, they always have," James said.

An example of sportsmanship and kindness, leaving Alex with a memory, and a winning game ball, to hold on to for the rest of his life.

"I had fun," Alex said.

"Raise your kids to be like that group of boys, they enjoyed it, they enjoyed watching him do what he did," James said.