Whitesboro businesses and locals excited for liquor in city

WHITESBORO, Tex. (KXII) - Over the past couple weeks Whitesboro residents have been seeing signs all over town that say 'vote no to alcohol.' But that all changed Tuesday night when residents overwhelming voted to allow alcohol to be sold in the city limits.

Photo: Aidan / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

"You got the same people been here forever with the 'vote no to alcohol' signs in their yard, but I guess we outdid 'em this time," said local Jason Reedy.

Reedy is a life-long Whitesboro resident who said he's surprised the town has stayed dry for this long.

"If you wanted some, you had to go take your money and go everywhere else," he said.

Justin Hull thought the same thing.

He and his wife dreamed of opening a liquor store in the city-- so they started a petition.

"I started researching, and I thought, there's nothing to lose so why not," Hull said.

The turnout was greater than they expected with 241 people signing up, so they got the option on Tuesday's ballot.

887 people said yes-- a 69 percent majority.

We talked to several people, and everyone we asked said they supported the proposition.

"That's what makes this country great," Hull said about voting.

"The best thing is people from Whitesboro that drink won't have to drive seven miles to get a drink," said local Wesley Murphy. "The next best thing is Whitesboro is gonna draw the tax money off these liquor sales."

Local businesses are already jumping on board.

Grocery store Brookshire Brothers says it supports the choice to sell wine and beer.

Across the street, the Happy Stop convenience store says it'll likely apply for a liquor license.

"I'm really proud it passed, I am. Whitesboro needs the money," Murphy said.

As for Hull, the liquor store may still be in store.

"It's lit a fire under me. I'm gonna revisit the idea," Hull said.

The Whitesboro city council still has to iron out a few specifics of the law, like distances liquor can be from churches or schools, in their upcoming meetings.

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