Whitesboro homecoming king crowned with community support

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WHITESBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- News of Alex Reed's homecoming court nomination was no surprise to his family.

"Everybody, everybody loves Alex," said James Reed, Alex's Dad.

To the kids at Whitesboro High School, he was the obvious choice for King.

"He walks down the hall with a big smile on his face. He gives everyone hugs, high fives. He'll never make you frown. He's a great guy," said Sierra Parks, Whitesboro Homecoming Queen.

Alex's Dad says his win is a culmination of how Alex has been treated since he started school there at three years old.

"These kids make sure that Alex is always in the spotlight," said James Reed.

Alex has autism but he doesn't let his disability hold him back.

"He just likes feeling like everybody else. And they all make him feel that way," said Rosie Reed, Alex's Stepmom.

He's known for his great attitude and his ability to make everyone else smile, no matter the circumstance.

"I think that if he wouldn't have got it, he would've been just as happy," said Amy Reed, Alex's Mom.

His crowning achievement? Alex is the manager of the varsity bearcat football team. His family says the opportunity is a gift.

"They made him the manager so he gets to stand on the sidelines. The jersey, that's his designated jersey," said James Reed.

Number 42, Alex Reed is achieving more than his family ever thought possible, even planning to go through the flight program at Grayson College after graduation.

"This, to me, is almost like a fairy tale for him, with a wonderful ending. Because in the beginning with him, he had a rough go at it. But now look at him," said Amy Reed.

For now, homecoming, namely football, is the priority.

"Thank you and good luck and I'll see y'all at the game," said Alex, the homecoming king.