Whitesboro man steals Atmos Energy truck then leads police on chase

WHITESBORO, TX. (KXII)-- 21-year-old Dillan Pippin has had his share of trouble with the law.

Just last year he was arrested in Whitesboro for making a terroristic threat, along with other charges.

On Monday afternoon in the same city, he decided to steal an Atmos Energy truck while the Atmos employee was nearby doing his job.

The Atmos employee had left his company truck unattended.

Whitesboro Police Chief Scott Taylor said the Atmos Energy employee saw Pippin before he took the truck. "He noticed a kid walking with a cell phone in the area but he got out to read the meters and when he turned around he saw the kids driving down the road in his truck".

Chief Taylor said these kind of crimes in the area are rare, one resident agreed saying he never heard of anything like this happening before.

"Its really surprising its a pretty small town not a lot happens, its pretty surprising to hear something like that happening".

Brianna Davis, a local resident said, "there's not much crime going on, we have everything under control we have some pretty good officers".

When police eventually located Pippin with the truck he tried to get away.

Police says that after stealing the Atmos Energy truck Pippin led Whitesboro police on a fifteen minute chase that eventually ended on the intersection of Highway 82 and 56.

Southmayd Police assisted in the pursuit, they say speeds reached 110 miles per hour.

Brianna Davis knew Pippin in school and she said she's not surprised he stole the truck.

"He was probably a grade or two ahead of me, and I had a couple of classes with him a couple of times but he got in trouble a lot, one of those kids".

Pippin is facing charges that includes theft of a vehicle, evading arrest and possession of methamphetamine.