Whitesboro players, community shocked after football coach let go

WHITESBORO, Tex. (KXII) - The most successful head football coach in Whitesboro Bearcats history will not be coming back next season after the school board voted not to renew his contract last night.

A decision at Monday night's school board meeting ended in the choice to not renew the head football coaches contract, much to the shock of the community and players here in Whitesboro.

"It was pretty devastating." said Junior center Carson Hickman.

Whitesboro Head coach and Athletic Director Eddie Gill had the support of the Superintendent, but was voted out four to three by the board of trustees in a closed door executive session.

The reason still has not been disclosed to the public.

Hickman said he was there Monday night when they came back with the decision.

"They took a long time making the decision," Hickman said. 'They thought it out, it was a shock when they came out with the final vote. They were elected, I respect it."

Hickman says he's known Gill since he was about five years old and he's coached all his older brothers.

"He's one of the greatest people I've ever met. He's inspiring, he's a Godly man, he gives us the tools and skills not just for football but for life."

Gill coached the Whitesboro Bearcats for 13 years.

Before Gill was hired, the team had never made the playoffs in their over 70 year history.

Since Gill was hired, the team has made the playoffs for eight years running.

"I was shocked because of all the tradition he's brought to this program," Hickman said. "He's turned it completely around."

School board trustee Eddie Wood, who voted to keep Gill, said he couldn't disclose what happened in the meeting but says he is disappointed with the decision.

"Not only did he lift our football program, but that transcended to all the sports-- basketball, baseball got better, volleyball got better, track and field kids got better," Wood said.

News 12 did not hear back from any other board of trustees member or the superintendent as of 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Gill tells us he loves Whitesboro ISD and the kids and wishes the best for them.

No word yet on who will be replacing Gill.

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