Whitesboro soldier surprises three kids after seven month deployment

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WHITESBORO, Tex. (KXII) - It was a Valentine's day three Whitesboro kids will never forget. Their father--a soldier--is finally home.

And each one of his kids got a very special surprise.

Suzy Brannan and her three kids hadn't seen dad Kevin Brannan in seven months.

The master sergeant, serving 23 years in the Air Force reserve, had most recently been deployed in Kuwait.

But a few months ago, she got word he might be coming home soon.

"It was wonderful. It was really exciting," Suzy said.

So Suzy started planning-- not one, but three surprises for their three kids and entire family.

The first stop was at Whitesboro High School where freshman daughter Skyler thought she was performing the bells in the band for the students.

Then her dad came out, dressed as the Bearcat mascot. He revealed mascot head.

"I was like, what are they doing? And then the flowers, and I was like, oh my gosh, this can't be happening," said daughter Skyler.

The next stop: Whitesboro Middle School. 8th grader Zalenka Brannan and her classmates thought they were going to a pre-enrollment seminar.

Then the school played a video with a message from her dad in Kuwait.

"I thought it was a video to show thank you, and I saw his footsteps and I just ran on to the stage," Zalenka said about her dad's surprise.

But it wasn't over yet.

Kevin suited up in the mascot costume again to greet 5th graders during lunchtime.

When son Zander came through, his dad gave him Whataburger, which they eat together on Saturdays.

"He gave me Whataburger and I went to sit down with my mom," Zander said. "And he came behind me and took pictures and gave me the heart. And then he surprised me."

"It's so surreal. I really wanted to make it special for them," Kevin said.

"It was all just perfect, I thank everybody who helped out," Suzy said.

Kevin is finally home.

"It's like we're a family again. We always were, but we're whole again," Skyler said.

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