Voters create petition to legalize sale of alcohol in Whitesboro

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WHITESBORO, Tex. (KXII) -- Whitesboro voters are campaigning to legalize alcohol sales in the city, hoping to get the proposition on the May ballot.

The city is completely dry, meaning no alcohol is sold in the city limits.

"It's absolutely outdated," voter Justin Hull said.

So Justin Hull is now taking it into his own hands to change this.

Friday he filed a petition through the city for the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages. Now Tuesday, he organized an event at the park to get people to come out and sign it, and more than 130 people did.

"I just think the tax money needs to come here," voter Rebecca Haygood said, who signed the petition.

"I can firmly say the city of Whitesboro is behind the curve when it comes to growth, businesses, especially small businesses," Hull said.

But one Whitesboro small business owner said this is not the kind of progress he wants.

"There's a certain amount of protection that comes from a dry area," Billy Lovejoy said.

Billy Lovejoy grew up in Whitesboro and now owns Lovejoy's on Main Street.

"We want the people in Whitesboro to have the very best lives, I don't think adding liquor to our menu would be the right thing at all," Lovejoy said.

According to state law, in order to get a liquor petition on the ballot, it must receive signatures of 35 percent of the voters who participated in the last election. In this case that number is 241.

If it gets those 241 signatures in 60 days from the filing date, the measure will be put on the ballot for voters to decide.

"Trying to establish a groundwork and a foundation for bigger businesses, franchises to come in the city, invest in the city and help spurt some growth," Hull said.

If enough people sign the petition, it'll be on the May ballot.