Wilson police search for trio wanted in fraud case

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WILSON, Okla. (KXII) - Wilson police say it was late November when they got a call at the Super C Mart that about $2,500 had been cashed using fraudulent checks.

"After reviewing the video tapes and doing an investigation, it was determined that these three individuals were counterfeiting their own checks out of their own car using a laptop and a printer," Kevin Coley said.

Wilson's Interim Police Chief Kevin Coley says they believe Robert Alexander II, Kevin Parker and Kirsten Maurizzio, who also goes by Kristen Maurizzio and Kristen Neal, cashed four checks.

Three of the checks showed the account holder to be an oilfield services business.

Coley says two of those checks were made out to a man who claims he had his license stolen from his car back in August - Coley was able to identify the man in the video seen cashing those checks as Alexander.

The third check was made out to Parker.

The fourth check showed the account holder to be an energy services company and was made out to Maurizzio.

Coley says Alexander and Parker are currently on probation for unrelated charges.

"After further investigation from that, we determined that same individuals had cashed checks in Lindsay, Oklahoma at their Super C and also Noble in their Super C," Coley said.

He says all three suspects presented ID's to the clerk.

The police report states they compared the fraudulent checks to the official ones the businesses used and found a few inconsistencies like the number of digits listed as the check number.

"Right now the main victim is Super C," Coley said. "They're the ones that's out of the cash. They're out $2,500 and that's a lot of money in the community."

Coley says warrants for forgery were issued to all three suspects earlier this week.

He believes they are in either in the Oklahoma City area or Maysville.

If you have any additional information about the suspects whereabouts to give Wilson police a call.

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