Window artist gives back to local charity

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LONE GROVE, Okla (KXII) -- A charity organization in Carter County is getting a helping hand of their own, compliments of an artist who just wants to give back.

"I think the holidays come around, and everyone is really tight on money," Margie Roberts, owner of nonprofit Its From the Heart, said. "And it just seems like it slows down."

Roberts says during the winter, keeping their doors open becomes a little more difficult.

"Everything that comes in we put toward keeping our doors open, to help those in need." Roberts said.

The non-profit gives necessities to families after fires or other disasters.
But next week, they'll get a gift of their own.

"It's a canvas that you can wipe clean and do over again," Window painter Jennifer Woods said. "so every year and every occasion you can do something fun."

Woods has painted shop windows for the last four years, following in her cousin's footsteps who passed away in the 90's. To spread some holiday cheer, she took to a Carter County Facebook page, asking residents what non-profit they'd like to see painted.

"I just wanted to give back, especially to a non-profit," Wood said. "Because there's so many people who volunteer their time and efforts to give back to the community. So its just my way of saying thank you."

And after two weeks of voting, It's from the Heart won the vote.

"A lot of people come here when they're struggling, or they're dealing with something that has put through hard times," Wood said. "So I hope by doing this, when they show up, it puts a smile on their face."

And Roberts agrees.

"I'm real excited that she chose, that we got nominated even, to receive these. To me, its a blessing," Roberts said. "Because like I said, it'll brighten the mood, it'll make everybody feel a little better to see something cheerful on the windows."

Woods says she'll be returning in the middle of next week to paint those windows.

Those interested in her murals can contact Woods at (580) 220-7462.

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