Woman accused of smoking meth, crashing car and hurting 2-year-old daughter

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - An Iowa woman has been indicted in Grayson County-- accused of smoking meth and getting behind the wheel before crashing and seriously hurting her two-year-old daughter.

24-year-old Jessie Fessler was indicted in May by a Grayson County grand jury.

"The child had serious bodily injury," said First Asst. District Attorney Kerye Ashmore.

It happened in November.

"Sherman police were called out to a vehicle they understood was in water in a creek," Ashmore said.

Ashmore said Fessler's Lincoln Navigator veered off U.S. 75 near Park Avenue and dropped 20 feet down, smashing into a creek.

"They discovered the defendant and her 2-year-old child," Ashmore said.

Fessler's toddler fractured her leg and was flown to a Dallas hospital.

Police arrested her a few months later. An affidavit alleges she said she smoked two puffs of meth before she blacked out and crashed.

"There's no real explanation the car would do this," Ashmore said. "If you know that they've consumed meth and it's found, then it's fairly clear there's an impairment."

Ashmore indicted her for five offenses ranging from a state jail felony for having meth all the way up to a first degree felony for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon: her car.

That charge could mean life in prison.

"Aggravated assault includes reckless state of mind," Ashmore explained.

Ashmore said smoking or drinking before getting behind the wheel a is detrimental to everyone.

"They can be a danger to the rest of us on the highways or streets," Ashmore said.

Fessler bonded out of jail last week. She has a plea conference set for July.

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