Woman admits to embezzling thousands from Love County Fair Board

LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- In Oct. 2017, Love County District Attorney Craig Ladd sent a letter to the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office asking them to investigate after his office uncovered thousands of missing dollars of public Love County money.

Turns out, the Love County Fair Board Treasurer and Secretary Ann Hyman, who had been volunteering there since 2014, had been embezzling the money over the past few years. She is County Commissioner Linda Hyman's daughter.

"There was a procedure there where she could write a check to herself," said Fair Board President Kermit McKinney.

McKinney said when Ann Hyman was confronted, she fessed up.

"She immediately admitted her guilt, and didn't try to hide it in any way," McKinney said.

He said Ann Hyman wrote the Fair Board a check for $16,335 to cover the missing funds, and told McKinney she would pay more if that ends up not covering the full amount she embezzled.

"She wrote it on Dec. 15 and it's now in our safe," McKinney said.

He said Hyman will likely no longer serve on the board. He wants people to know he forgives her and said she helped the fair greatly since she started.

"In my opinion, I've forgiven her," McKinney said. "I want people to know how dedicated of a person she was."

It's unclear if she'll face charges. The case is being investigated by the state Attorney General's Office.

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