Okla. woman allegedly attacked over Black Friday shopping dispute

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GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - It happened on Thanksgiving night.

"I really feared for my life, and I was scared," Debra Thurman said.

Tanisha Van Zant had lived with Debra Thurman for 5 years, Thurman even called Van Zant her niece although they weren't related.

They had just finished thanksgiving dinner when Thurman went to sleep.

Shortly after, Van Zant got on the phone with her biological aunt to ask for money for Black Friday, and according to an affidavit that's when the shouting began.

Van Zant's aunt wouldn't let her have the money to go Black Friday shopping.

Thurman tells us Van Zant was furious.

An affidavit states that's when Thurman took the phone and wouldn't give it back.

"She basically took it out on me I guess," Thurman said.

Thurman says Van Zant hit her in the head with a brick so many times she couldn't open her eye.

"She grabbed a hold of a glass candle bowl and hit me on top of the head with it," She said.

An affidavit also states Van Zant also hit Thurman in the head with lamps, and tried to shoot her with a BB gun.

Investigators say Van Zant thought it was a real gun.

"Tanisha retrieved that BB gun, threatened Ms.Thurman with the BB gun and attempted to fire it inside the residence but was unable to discharge the firearm," Oklahoma State Burea of Investigation Special Agent Josh Dean said.

"She said if I can figure out how to unload this, or if I can figure out how to shoot you, I'm going to kill you," Thurman said.

Thurman had to be flown to an Oklahoma City hospital for her injuries.

Van Zant is still in jail awaiting a mental evaluation.

"I really felt betrayed and I felt hurt," Thurman said.

If convicted, Van Zant faces up to life in prison.

"I don't want anybody else to get hurt like that," She said.