Woman arrested for assaulting Sherman police officer

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Sherman police have charged a woman with assaulting a police officer after they said she kicked the officer who was processing her for another charge.

Sherman police say it started around 5:30 p.m. Monday night as a road rage incident.

Police say they got a call from a woman who said another driver, later identified as Carrie Thompson, was following her, honking the horn and tailgating her car closely.

Officers met up with the caller when she pulled over in a parking lot at North Travis near Taylor Street.

By that time, Thompson was already gone.

But she made a second appearance when she drove by as officers were talking to the woman who called them about her.

This time, officers were able to catch up with Thompson and pulled her over.

Thompson was arrested for driving while intoxicated and taken to the police department for processing.

Officers say that was when things got violent.

"During that process, she kicked that officer in the leg and other than pain, the officer had no injuries, and the suspect was ultimately taken to the Grayson County jail," Sherman Police Sgt. Brett Mullen said.

Thompson was booked into jail on charges of driving while intoxicated and assaulting a police officer.