Woman arrested in connection to money counterfeiting scheme

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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. (KXII) - For months the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office has been looking into a money counterfeiting scheme and a Garvin County woman has been arrested on a forgery charge.

Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett said fake bills have been popping up between Ardmore and Oklahoma City, and said 29-year-old Heather Tucker is behind bars in the Garvin County Jail on a $26,000 bond.

Sheriff Mullett says Tucker used a fake $20 bill at Speedy G's Gas Station in Elmore City where the bill was then traced to a house south of Elmore City where $20 and $50 bills were being made.

"We found their operation of how they were doing it, how they're taking the dollar bills and wiping them and trying to produce larger dollar bills,” said Sheriff Mullett.

A Garvin County Sheriff’s report said a Speedy G’s clerk let Tucker pump her gas before she paid.

The surveillance video shows Tucker walk back into the store and as she left — tossed a crumbled $20 bill on the counter.

"They noticed it just didn't feel right,” said Sheriff Mullett.

Sheriff Mullett said his office seized fake bills, computers, card stock and an office printer with ink from the house.

"They're just taking a regular piece of paper and making it. It's not an elaborate scheme,” said Sheriff Mullett.

The Secret Service is working the case because investigators believe the fake bills traveled through several counties in Oklahoma.

The sheriff said there are at least three more people they believe know something about this operation.

"Our investigation is leading us to different counties and different cities. So, we're getting ready to shut this down,” said Sheriff Mullett.

No one else has been arrested yet, and Tucker could spend up to 15 years in prison if she’s convicted on the local charge.

But the sheriff said she could be charged with more, maybe a federal charge by the time the investigation is complete.