Woman attacked by dogs in Lamar County recovering after third surgery

LAMAR COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - An Oregon woman visiting Lamar County for the weekend was brutally attacked by a pack of five dogs.

74-year-old Jackie Brooks' son and daughter said their mom had her third of many surgeries today at a Plano hospital.

She was out for a walk in Deport on Saturday when the pack of dogs attacked and mauled most of her body.

"Her dream was to finally do a trip."

74-year-old Portland native Jackie Brooks had plans to travel all over the United States for a year.

Her son and daughter Dennis McBride and Christine Lawrence said their mom is upbeat, energetic and always ready for an adventure.

"She was active, she bowled in the bowling league, she did things with her friends," McBride said.

Brooks' second stop on her journey was Deport, Texas to visit her sister.

She'd been there just a day when she went for a walk down County Road 16080 on Saturday morning.

"As she's walking down the street, she's attacked by five hunting dogs that have been trained to hunt pigs," McBride said.

Brooks suffered injuries and dog bites to almost all of her body.

First responders said she probably would have died if it weren't for a man passing by who came to the rescue.

"A gentlemen, our angel, a hero who we'd like to meet some day," Lawrence said about him. "A tremendous man. I'm sure it's gonna haunt him forever-- and thank you."

After her first surgery in Paris, Brooks was flown to a Plano hospital where she is now.

"We were lucky we were here when she opened her eyes and recognized us. She's doing much better now," McBride said.

The sheriff's office tells us the dogs were Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Leopard dogs and Black Mouth Curs.

There is no leash law in Lamar County.

Investigators said for criminal charges to be filed, they would have to prove the owner's dogs had attacked someone in the past-- something that haunts Lawrence and McBride.

"This is gonna change her life a lot," McBride said.

"She's a good heart, a wonderful Christian special woman," Lawrence said. "She loves her family."

Brooks will likely have several more surgeries and spend time in the ICU for another four to six weeks.

After that, she could spend up to a year in the hospital.

The dogs, still quarantined at a Paris shelter, will be euthanized.

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