Woman kidnapped in Oklahoma City found east of Ada on Thursday

Published: Oct. 18, 2019 at 6:25 PM CDT
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The Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office helped Oklahoma City police track down a kidnapping victim Thursday.

Reports from the deputy say he got a call from Oklahoma City police that a woman had been kidnapped at gunpoint from a hotel and taken to a home east of Ada on CR 1555.

According to the victim in the report, the suspects made several stops on the way to the house including another hotel in Oklahoma City, a house in Konawa, a Dollar General in Ada and a Chickasaw Nation Casino in Ada.

While she was at the house, the victim was ordered to contact her family and say they needed to show up with $5,800 cash and meet up at the Walmart in Ada to get her back.

Sheriff John Christian said his office speculates the money would have been used to pay off a debt.

"We're presuming that there's probably something more to this story that will be investigated to determine exactly why that amount and what exactly was going on," Christian said.

While at the home, the people who lived there, the grandmother and uncle of one of the alleged kidnappers, heard the plea for help from the victim.

In the report, the uncle told the deputy the victim said "Please, don't let them take me!"

"The owners of that residence wouldn't let the suspect take the victim with them," Christian said.

The kidnappers left after an argument and said they would be back in an hour.

During that time, the deputy arrived and took the woman back to Ada, where she was eventually returned to her family.

The report said she did have injuries to her face, arms and back from where the captors beat her.

Christian said they had received a call about the alleged kidnapping but thought it was a hoax, at first, because the information did not seem to make sense.

However, the deputy listened to his instinct and it made the difference.

"Because the information was so sketchy and (the deputy) had to do a lot of research to track down exactly who, what and where, possibly, they could have come back and got her, and if the money hadn't been paid, she could have been dead by now," Christian said.

Oklahoma City police said they have identified at least two of the suspects but have not yet made any arrests.