Woman reclaims items stolen by Grayson Co. graveyard thief

POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) - A cemetery is at the center of an investigation in Grayson County.

The sheriff's office says someone has been stealing from grave sites, and one woman was able to get her items back this week.

Dori Smith said the thief took several meaningful items, like a butterfly and bulldog.

She said they were stolen from her family's grave site, where members of her family have been buried for generations.

Luckily, she said the sheriff's office recovered many items and she was able to get the most important ones back.

"This cemetery is the only thing, this is my only connection to them. That's all I have left," Smith said.

She said earlier this year, she noticed several things were missing from her family's plot at Georgetown Cemetery in Pottsboro.

"People are taking stuff that doesn't belong to them and taking away that little bit of peace and solace that we have," Smith said.

But to Smith, it's not just stuff, like a butterfly memento.

It's for her mother Judith, who died two years ago in a car accident.

Smith said she always wore a butterfly pin on her shoulder.

"Her wings were ready, our hearts were not. So we find peace in the butterflies," Smith said.

She also finds peace in bulldogs.

Her 33-year-old brother Samuel had cancer, and when he was in the hospital, he told her he wanted a bulldog for his birthday.

"Well, he didn't beat cancer. But we found a solid, concrete English bulldog and that bulldog has sat by my brother for 10 years, sat at his feet," Smith said.

When her and other family members noticed the treasures were gone, they searched for months.

"Anytime I would come around here I would still look," Smith said.

But this week, she was able to retrieve most of her items.

She contacted the Grayson County Sheriff's Office and was able to reclaim the stolen possessions.

Smith said when she got the items back, peace came with them.

"It was like my brother was there," she said.

In July, another victim of this theft caught a suspect on camera.

Smith hopes justice comes to whoever did this.

"Stealing from a cemetery, stealing from families that are going through grief, that is beyond anything," she said.

Smith plans to place the items on the grave site again, but this time, secured with cement.

An investigator for the Grayson County Sheriff's Office said no arrests have been made, but that close to 100 items total were stolen from the cemetery. It is still under investigation.