World War II demonstration at Fort Washita

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) "Just walk back in time. This is what the 40s felt like, you know? And a lot of people are gonna forget that if we don't take care of it," says Jason Nadle.

Nadle is founder of the Nadles Historic Military Foundation and says he's passionate about keeping history alive.

"Not a great turn out, but it's the inaugural event. So kind of is expected. We'll do a little bit of a patrol for you, fire off some blanks, and have a little bit of a good time," says Nadle.

They hold a demonstration event at Fort Washita every March which has been going on for years, but the group is excited to start holding them in October.

Several people dress up in authentic war attire and re-enact battles of World War II.

"I figure the best way for me to learn history is to live it," says Patrick Folmar.

Participants say their love for history is why this event is important to them.

"Just love the history of WW2 and the reenactments. Have a good time," says Roger and Kathy Stewart.

"All of us know a ton about history, a ton about what we're portraying because we don't wanna come out here and then not be able to answer questions," says Ashlee Osterberg.

They say their common interests build friendships.

"I mean I think it's the camaraderie. That's for sure. It's fun to get together," says friends, Dylan Fowler, David Butler and Parker Jones.

They encourage others to come out to their next battle in the spring to either take part in the action or to just see what it's all about.

"Just kind of come on out and just experience what life was like back on the front," says Nadle.