Young boy bitten by copperhead snake

Caney, OK (KXII)-- A fun time outdoors quickly changed for one 6 year old Caney boy after he got bitten by a copperhead snake.

He was digging for worms at his grandfather's home preparing to go fishing when the incident took place.

Fire Chief Michael Harkey says the boy's sisters were nearby in tears asking if their brother will die, and they never left his side.

Chief Harkey says, "The grandpa and the two sisters were taking care of the child doing what they need to be doing."

After an ambulance arrived for Eddie Lane Harris, a medical helicopter landed on Caney High School's baseball field and flew to an Oklahoma City hospital.

"High school boys were practicing ball, and so we had to get them off of the ball field and we landed the helicopter right there on the 3rd base line and loaded the child up and they flew out from there".

Eddie is expected to make a full recovery.