Young boy bitten by copperhead snake has fully recovered

Atoka, OK (KXII)-- On Monday six-year-old Eddie Lane Harris was bitten by a copperhead snake while digging for worms outside his grandpa's house.

Eddie recalled, "I was playing the fishing game and that snake come up behind me and bit me".

Caney first responders immediately arrived for Eddie.

He was then loaded onto a helicopter from Caney High School's baseball field where he was taken to OU's Children's Hospital.

Eddie remained in the hospital for two days where he was given anti venom and made a full recovery.

By the fourth of July his grandfather said Eddie was walking like nothing had ever happened.

Eddie's sister though feared the worst when she saw him in pain after was bitten by the snake.

Their grandfather Lyndel Harris told them, "I said no I said he's not going to die, I said he'll be alright so I got a hold of her...I told her no Bubba ain't gonna die, he'll be alright".

One thing that helped Eddie stay calm was a gift from Caney Fire Chief Michael Harkey.

A stuffed animal which he always kept by his side in the hospital.

He was very grateful, "thank you for the teddy bear and thank you for helping me out".