Young mother killed in Durant car crash

DURANT, Okla. (KXII) -- A family is grieving the loss of a young mother who was killed in a car crash in Durant on Monday.

The man who drove the car she was in is in jail for leaving the scene of the accident.

Her sister-in-law Rejeana Gaither said Cricket Sims was always there for people and she'll miss the time they spent together.

Gaither hopes to get justice for Sims.

"When you were sad or crying, she always found a way to make you laugh or smile," Gaither said.

Gaither said Sims adored her kids.

The 31-year-old leaves three behind, the youngest is 3-years-old.

"She loved them more than anything on this earth. And she'd do anything for them," Gaither said.

Monday afternoon a car carrying Sims was driving down Alabama Street in Durant.

The driver, Casey Sallee, ran a stop sign colliding with a truck headed in the other direction on 12th Avenue, killing Sims, who was riding in the back seat.

"All I saw was the car in the yard and the truck up against the tree," said Bobby Houck, whose family lives across the street from where it happened.

He got there right after.

"There were several police and there was an ambulance, and a fire truck and all," Houck said.

Police said Sallee and another passenger ran away from the scene.

Sallee has a criminal history that includes convictions for meth possession and burglary.

He was on probation at the time of the wreck.

"He ran from the accident and just left my sister laying there. So he didn't call for help or try to get her help, and that might have saved her. I don't know," Gaither said.

Police arrested Sallee that day. He faces a felony charge for leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

"He took the coward way out and he ran. And I think he deserves to be in jail," Gaither said.

Gaither hopes Sims' kids will know how much she loved them.

"If everybody in the world could have known Cricket, then they would have always had a smile on their face cause that's just what she brought to you," she said.

If convicted, Sallee could face up to a $10,000 fine or up to 10 years in prison.