Bryan County family narrowly escapes storm

Published: May. 1, 2019 at 6:22 PM CDT
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Wesley Singleton's family hurried down to their storm cellar just after nine Tuesday night, and Singleton says as soon as he closed the door, he heard a loud bang and saw a large crack from the inside the cellar.

"Within just a couple, two or three minutes, all of this that you see behind us happened," said Singleton.

Singleton owns Blue Metal Worx, and the building where he operates his business was ripped right out of the ground, torn apart and strewn across his property.

He says his daughter got a weather alert on her phone, told him and his wife in the next room, and only had a minute to get to their storm cellar.

"When I was pulling the cellar door shut and latching it, you could feel the pressure. In about a three to five second count, we heard a really loud bang, and the ceiling of the cellar cracked from end to end and water started coming in," said Singleton.

Singleton believes his storage shed next to his house was what hit the top of the cellar.

"As far as I'm concerned she saved our life. If it had been just a few seconds less, we would have been in the house," said Singleton.

Singleton says the storm caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage to his business, truck, and house.

One woman, 58-year-old Debby Boyd, was killed in her home Tuesday night when the storm came through.

Singleton says she was his neighbor.

"Prayers go out to everyone, you can see on both sides here, all the friends and family that showed up today," (Singleton)

Bryan County Emergency Management Director James Dalton says close to 70 homes in Bryan County have reported damage from the storm.

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