Whitewright honor guard becomes new Veterans Day tradition

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WHITEWRIGHT, Tex. (KXII)- From 10 AM Thursday to 10 AM Friday, there was at least one Whitewright High School student guarding the town's war memorial, which honors fallen soldiers from Whitewright.

Whitewright senior Adam Decker plans to join the Navy after he graduates high school, and he worked two shifts for the honor guard.

"When I heard the school was doing something and I could volunteer and give back to them in a way, just a couple hours of my time, I got really excited because it was something I was always looking to do," said Decker.

Whitewright teacher and US Army vet Karen Hodgdon came up with the idea to give students an opportunity to be a part of honoring those who served.

"So we already had a place that was perfect to create this honor guard. So I thought it was a really good plan to try and implement," said Hodgdon.

Twenty-three students over the course of 24 hours stood next to the memorial to pay their respects, even through near freezing temperatures and rain.

Senior Clint McGee was on guard during some light showers but says he didn't mind, considering what people in the military have had to go through.

"They're just doing great things for our country. We get to go home and sleep in bed at night, while they are overseas doing what they do for us to make sure we can do that and have those freedoms," said McGee.

"I don't want the students to see the other students that participated in this and think 'wow those kids are so cool,' because it wasn't about the students who participated in this at all, it was about thanking the veterans for what they did on a daily basis," said Decker.