A+ Athlete: Clary Donica, Dickson

This weeks A+ Athlete is Clary Donica of Dickson High School.

Clary is a 3-time all conference basketball player for the comets, who has averaged a double-double over her career.

She also helped her cross country team to a third place finish at regional's.

"She leads by example really well," said Dickson girls basketball coach Weslie Moore. "Being able to have a kid that can bring people up to her level, and her standards, really sets you apart."

"It's hard work," said Donica. "Any time I meet a coach or somebody, and I can pick their brain about basketball and about ways to get better, I do that."

And her work ethic is not just impressive on the basketball court, but in the class room as well. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and has a staggering 4.22 GPA.

"I was taught it was student-athlete, not athlete-student, so grade come first," said Donica. "If you can take care of your grades, basketball will take care of itself."

"She expects perfection out of herself," said Dickson geometry teacher, Rebecca Welch. "She's going to continue to ask questions, and come in on her free time, until she's got it to what she feels is perfect."

Clary is also the Presdient of the Dickson FFA chapter, and the President for FCA. She some how finds the time to volunteer in various ways in the Dickson community, and that's why Clary Donica is this week's A+ athlete.