A+ Athlete: Tyler Goldsworthy, Gainesville

This week's A+ Athlete is Tyler Goldsworthy of Gainesville High School.

Tyler ranks number 1 in his class, he carries a GPA of 5.48, he's a member of Gainesville's U.I.L. academic team, he's a Peer Leadership Coach in Algebra, and by the time he graduates high school, he will also have is associates degree.

"It's all time management," said Tyler Goldsworthy. "Just keeping my priorities straight. Usually before I go to bed, I think about what I have to do the next day, and kind of arrange things in the order that they need to get done."

"He's self-motivated, he just expects it of himself," said Gainesville Algebra teacher Sheri Mitchell. "Whatever expectations I have for him in the classroom, he always has a little higher."

"He's going to be incredibly successful in life," said Gainesville principal Melissa Hutchison. "When someone is that focused and that dedicated to what they're doing, no matter what they want to do, they will achieve."

Tyler is a 4-year basketball player at Gainesville, twice named all-district. He's the team MVP, and the team captain, he's a regional qualifier in track, and runs cross country.

'When we named him as our team captain last year," said Gainesville basketball coach Billy Macklin. "we said we want a team captain who is going to show everyone what Gainesville is all about."

"The guys around me, playing for them, keeping us all united, that's what keeps me going," said Goldsworthy. "Just to make sure they succeed just as much as I do."

When he's not busy with school, he's volunteering, serving meals to those in need, or working with the boys and girls club.