A+ Athlete: Cage Sawyers, Van Alstyne

This week's A+ Athlete is Cage Sawyers from Van Alstyne High School.

Cage ranks at the top of his class. He's the president of the student council, student senate and senior class. He scored a 32 on the ACT and has received several National Scholar honors.

"My personal philosophy is education is opportunity, and I've seen that through classmates, peers and people in my community," said Sawyers. "But when education is opportunity, I take it really seriously."

"The thing that stands out most about him is his work ethic," said mathematics teacher Lori Haynes. "Second-to-none. He sets goals, and he attains them. He sets more goals and attains them. We can all learn from that."

Cage shines on the links as well. The team captain of the Panthers golf team placed 6th at State last year. But it's what he's learned from the game that he treasures most.

"I enjoy golf because of the mental aspect of the game," said Sawyers. "Obviously, physically, any sport you're going to have ups and downs, each and every day. But golf, you're never going to beat yourself mentally, and there's always going to be a challenge mentally."

"He's a competitor," said head golf coach Jacey Guerrero. "If he doesn't make a good shot, he overcomes it very well with his work ethic, with his preparation with practice and things like that."

Cage's work ethic translates to his involvement in the community. He founded his own non-profit, Sawyers Veterans' Health, to assist veterans on their path to better physical and mental health.. post-service.

"Once you've seen first hand what they've done and what they've sacrificed it just engulfs you with a overwhelming sense of patriotism," said Sawyers.

After graduation, Cage plans to attend TCU and major in healthcare entreprenuralship. And that's why Cage Sawyers is this week's A+ Athlete.