A+ Athlete: Conner Priest, Roff

This weeks A+ Athlete is Conner Priest of Roff High School. Conner is on the baseball and basketball teams. He has made it to the baseball state tournament six times with two second place finishes. He also led the basketball team to winning seasons for the past 3 years.

"It's just hard work.," said Conner Priest. "It takes hard work to do what you want to do and to make it in life. So you work hard on the floor and in the field, it translates into the classroom to what you need to do."

"He's just a program guy," said Roff principle and baseball coach Ead Simon. "He's somebody that makes our school look good, because he is a good character guy. He's not getting into trouble off the field, he's not in my office all the time."

Conner isn't just a slam dunk on the basketball court, but also in the class room. He is ranked at the top of his class, competes in multiple scholastic events, and has goals of one day becoming an English teacher.

"Of course in my class, he knocks the ball out of the park regularly," said Roff English teacher Tricia Brown. "Because everything that I love, he loves. So we see eye to eye and he does set the bar high in English class, and he does have passion."

"I feel like you can always hone your skills through your hard work in the classroom," said Priest. "Because if you find something you like to do, you'll be good at it. Because I was always raised school first, sports second."

Conner is also very active in his church, a leader in FCA, and volunteers around the Roff community. Which is another reason Conner Priest is this week's A+ Athlete.