A+ Athlete: Cooper Smith, Collinsville

This week's A+ Athlete is Cooper Smith of Collinsville High School.

Cooper is a multi-sport Athlete for the Pirates. He is a 2 time all district quarterback, and a 3 time all district basketball player.

"Sometimes it's really hard, but I just make time for everything," said Smith.

"You know, late nights and up early in the morning for weights. And late nights studying. It's just hard, but you got to keep it going."

And Cooper doesn't just lead his team to victory on the playing field, but he leads his class mates to success. Cooper is in the top ten of his class and in the National-Honor Society. All while being a great role model.

"Cooper is extremely mature for a high school senior," said Collinsville High School teacher, Shannon Flanery.

"He just makes good decisions. So I think others look up to him and will hopefully follow in those foot steps."

"You don't have to be like everyone else, you can be your own person," said Smith.

"You don't have to be normal, you can be ordinary and still be good. You don't have to be like everyone else, and be this specific person someone tells you to be. Just be yourself."

And that's why Cooper Smith is this week's A+ Athlete.