A+ Athlete: Davis Looney, Denison

This week's A+ Athlete is Davis Looney from Denison High School.

It's in the pool where Davis makes a splash for Denison athletics holding all the individual records on the boys side. He's a three-time state qualifier and captured bronze in the 100 backstroke at this year's state championships.

"Swimming, in particular, is a field where I can let my competitive side show," said Davis. "And because it's kind of tunnel vision, you're kind of looking at a black line the whole time. You don't have to concern yourself about other people around you. That allows me to keep my focus."

"He was always the kid that was the driven kid," said Denison swim coach Allison Looney. "He always wanted to be the best and strived to get there. He just always had that quality about him. So I've seen it from such a young age, all the way up until now as he's about to graduate."

That drive is seen in the classroom as well. Davis ranks third in the senior class with a 4.9 GPA. He's the vice president of the National Honor Society and volunteers his time through numerous service organizations.

"Having that competitive edge of being an athlete," Davis explained, "not just the physical one, but the mental one is crucial in understanding academics and the commitment to that, that you have to put forward just like you would in a sport."

"He exceeds what most teenagers are at this age," said English teacher Christina Aleman. "There are very few people who can time-manage, who can be responsible for so many things and be a good person at the same time."

After graduation, Davis will attend New York University to study biology and swim for NYU. And that's why Davis Looney is this week's A+ Athlete.