A+ Athlete: Denton Miller, Healdton

This weeks A+ Athlete is Denton Miller of Healdton High school. Denton is the Quarterback for the Bulldogs, a state qualifier in the 4x100 relay, he's on the Healdton golf and power lifting team, and was also voted to the all-conference team in basketball and baseball.

"I just like to go out and play the best I can every night," said Miller. "The best that I can do, that's what I'm going to go do."

"His big thing is, he's just a leader," said Healdton baseball coach Britt Jones. "He's easy to follow. He gets along with everybody, everyone likes the kid."

But the 6 sport Athlete isn't only a slam dunk on the basketball court, but in the class room as well. Denton is in the top ten percent of his class and a National Honor Society student, and he has never brought home a "B" on his report card, for a very good reason.

"That's my mom right there," said Miller. "She always said, if you ever get a B, you're not playing sports. I don't know if she was ever going to stick to it or not, but I never got a B so I never had to figure it out."

"He's prepared for anything that comes up," said Healdton High School teacher, Becki Munholland. "He's going to do well in life because he is motivated to do the best that he can. There's something in him that makes him want to be the best."

When he is not in class or playing a sport, the senior is volunteering in a multitude of ways in the Healdton community, which is another reason why Denton Miller is this weeks A+ Athlete.