A+ Athlete: Emily Nutt, Tushka

This week's A+ Athlete is Emily Nutt from Tushka High School.

Emily is a top scholar at Tushka ranking third in the senior class with a 3.98 GPA. She's on the Superintendent's Honor Role, the National Honor Society Vice President and part of the Gifted & Talented program. Emily just loves to be involved in it all.

"To be successful in life you have to have some kind of competitive thrive in you," said Nutt. "If you don't really care about where you go in life, you're not going to get very far."

"Emily was the type of student that went above and beyond what she was asked to," said social studies teacher Pamela Dickson. "She was so grade-conscientious and also with her studies."

In sports, Emily shines on the softball diamond. She's helped Tushka win three total state championships in slow-pitch & fast-pitch softball. Emily views how the team was able to help build the program as a vital life lesson.

"We had the right structure and then put the building blocks on top to be successful," said Nutt. "I think that's one of the reasons being successful has prepared me for life because I have the structure to go on in life and whatever hardships may come. I know that there's going to be issues, but I'm competitive enough and stubborn enough to get through it."

"It just shows how smart she is and how well she is at multitasking to handle all of her priorities and business and do it well," said head softball coach David Durbin.

After graduation, Emily plans on attending Oklahoma State University and majoring in Bio-Chemistry. And that's why Emily Nutt is this week's A+ Athlete.