A+ Athlete: Jack Turner. Texoma Christian School

This week's A+ Athlete is Jack Turner of Texoma Christian School.

Jack is a 2-time academic all state football player, 2-time all district in basketball, 3-time all district in baseball, a state champion in soccer, and he's on the golf and track teams.

"Whatever he does, he's all in, he goes 100%," said TCS boys basketball coach, Nate Lagenbahn. "Whether it's in practice, whether it's a game, whether you're up 20, down 20, it doesn't matter."

"I just love being out there with the team, being with the guys," said Jack Turner. "It's a brotherhood out there, no matter what sport you're playing. It's a thing we can all hang out together and play something we love."

Jack is more than just a 6-sport athlete, he has a 4.1 GPA, he's president of the National Honor Society, and he is a state qualifier in the math and science competitions.

Julie Bentsen
"The thing that's so great about Jack is that as a student," said TCS Administrator Julie Bentsen. "He expects excellence in the classroom. Jack just has pure determination."

"It takes hard work," said Turner. "It takes extra time out side of class to study, prepare your notes, go over them again, and pay attention in class."

And Jack still finds time to volunteer, including habitat for humanity, several missions trips, and he helped hurricane victims in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

"All we can do is help and pray for them," said Turner. "And continue to make them feel that they are loved down there."

That's why Jack Turner is this week's A+ Athlete.