A+ Athlete: Joseph Mallillin, Denison

Published: Oct. 4, 2019 at 2:23 PM CDT
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This week's A+ Athlete is Joseph Mallillin of Denison High School.

Joseph is ranked 2nd in his class, he's a member of National Honors Society and the Youth Leadership Academy. He's on the A-Honor roll, he's a class officer, and he scored a perfect 36 on his A.C.T.

Sports and school, both play a key roll in his life.

"They are both important to me because they are things I put all my effort into," said A+ Athlete Joseph Mallillin. "For everything I do I try to give 100 percent. They're both really important to me because they are both reflections of myself."

"He is what embodies a student athlete. He's involved in many extracurricular activities and many student led organizations," said Denison Geography teacher Brandon Cates. "He does AP classes, a challenging schedule on top of everything else he's involved in."

"All of his stuff is always done. It is always very well thought out," said Denison history teacher Staci Schneider. "He's a very empathetic person. He is really good at our stuff because he he sees lots of different sides."

Joseph is a 4 year varsity tennis player. He's has won multiple U.S.T.A. tournaments, he won the impact player award, and leads the way for Jacket tennis team.

It's his desire to constantly improve that catches the attention of everyone around him.

"He's just pursuing that all-out effort. I think he has that in the back of his mind 24/7," said Denison tennis coach Derek Roscoe. "Knowing that, if I give everything I got, I don't have to have any regrets. That's what he does out here on this court. "

"The lesson I learned from tennis is just to keep working hard. There's always going to be someone better than you," said Mallillin. "So you have to keep pushing harder, keep pushing your limits and always getting better."