A+ Athlete: Lexi Duff, Ardmore

This week's A+ Athlete is Lexi Duff of Ardmore High School.

Lexi is a four-year starter on the varsity softball team, where she was voted the All-District Defensive Player of the Year. She holds numerous school records, such as most wins and strikeouts. But the achievements don't stop there. She has thrown three perfect games in 2017 alone. Even with all the accolades, she is still improving.

"My teammates are my family, so I just think if them," said Duff. "I do this for them. They have my back and I have their back."

"I've seen her grow in her confidence, and in her pitching," said Charli Crawford, Ardmore head softball coach. "She really commands her pitches better than when she was a freshman, and I think this year, she has stepped up her game even more."

And Lexi doesn't only knock it out of the park with a bat in her hand but also with pen a paper. The senior is number one in her class with a 4.0 GPA, even though she is in multiple advanced placement classes. She somehow finds the time to volunteer at the soup kitchen, and she's a pitching coach for local youth.

"She's a perfect example of Ardmore High School, and she does a lot for the community," said Ardmore teacher Zack Birth. "She's real involved in FCA, and she's just a wonderful student athlete."

"Her drive to be successful and motivation," said teacher
Elaine Sullivan. "She's a leader for her team. She's a leader in the classroom."

"It means a whole lot," said Duff. "I love to get out in the community more and meet a lot of people. I want to be a role model for younger kids"

And that's why Lexi Duff is this week's A+ Athlete.